Regina Leader-Post

The Leader-Post is the daily newspaper of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and now a member of the Postmedia Network. The newspaper was first published as The Leader in 1883 by Nicholas Flood Davin, soon after Edgar Dewdney, Lieutenant-Governor of the North-West Territories. In 1920, the Leader merged with another paper, the Regina Evening Post, itself in a building on Twelfth Avenue at Rose Street before the merger, and continued to publish daily editions of both before consolidating them under the title The Leader-Post in 1930.Newspapers were a thriving industry in the days through television's arrival in the 1950s until the Internet in the 1990s began to change people's gathering of news, compounded by the merger of local companies into ownership of local companies by national multi-corporation organizations. Other titles absorbed by the Leader-Post included the Regina Daily Star and The Province. In 1995, the Leader-Post released an electronic version of the newspaper so that subscribers could view their newspapers on the Internet. Electronic and daily print subscribers also enjoy access to extra content not available to all readers

Saskatoon StarPhoenix

The Star Phoenix is a daily newspaper that serves Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, and is a part of Postmedia Network. The Star Phoenix puts out six editions each week and publishes two weeklies, the Sunday Phoenix (formerly the Saskatoon Sun) and Bridges. It is also part of the Internet portal. The Star Phoenix was first published as The Saskatoon Phoenix on October 17, 1902 (following a short-lived attempt at a local newspaper, the Saskatoon Sentinel). In 1909, it became a daily paper and, in 1910, was renamed the Saskatoon Capital.The paper was sold and bought several times between its inception and the 1920s, at one point being owned by W. F. Herman, the future owner and publisher of The Windsor Star. By 1927, there were two daily papers in Saskatoon: The Saskatoon Daily Star and the Daily Phoenix. In January 1928, both papers were bought by the Sifton family of Winnipeg and amalgamated into the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. In the early 1980s the spelling of the newspaper name was modified to Star Phoenix. Between the 1928 amalgamation and the launch of the Saskatoon edition of Metro in April 2012, the Star Phoenix was the city's only daily newspaper. In 1996, the Star Phoenix was bought by the Hollinger newspaper chain. It was subsequently sold to CanWest Global Communications in 2000 and became part of the Southam Newspapers division now called CanWest News Service. CanWest was acquired by Postmedia News Inc. and is the current owner of The Star Phoenix.